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A career to love


Owner and Chief Inspiration Officer at A Career to Love.

Life long learner who loves to read (all of the time). I have love to learn and I have 1 undergraduate degree, 4 postgraduate degrees and 1 postgraduate degree currently underway.

Mother to Saibhe & Saorla, and wife to Alan.

Lover of tea and passionate drinker of coffee.

My guilty pleasure is taking Monday off when everyone else is at work!

Eternal optimist who always sees the best in people.

Strong sense of right from wrong.

My life’s goal is to be a role model for my two young girls and support them to grow into the best version of themselves possible.
I hate to fail but I love to learn so I put up with the pain failure so that I can grow.

If I won, the lotto tomorrow I would continue to work at A Career to Love.

I am obsessed with the future of work and the 21st century workplace.

a career to love

Sinéad Brady

Career & Coaching Psychologist MPBsS


Professional Memberships

Associate of Centre for Coaching Psychologists
British Psychological Society
Fellow of Institute of Leadership Management
Institute of Guidance Counsellors


Professional Qualifications

BPS Certified Occupational & Personality Assessor
IAFPD Organisational Stress & Wellness Coach
IAFPD Performance Coach
IAFPD Health & Wellbeing Coach