The Great Career Selfie – Career Change in 2017

"Don’t let fear of failure, fear of success or fear of what other people, may or may not think, hold you back."

Sinéad BRADY

We are all familiar with the ‘Selfie’ a picture of yourself, taken by yourself to share on social media. But here’s a new take on the selfie, try a ‘career selfie’. No filter, no angles, no second takes instead make this selfie really matter. Take a long hard look at where you are in your career, figure out where you want to go and then go about doing it. So if you are serious about career change here are some practical steps that you can take to make this year the year of Your Great Career Selfie.

1. Buy a notebook.
2. Write ‘Design Your Own Success – Dream Big but Do Small‘ on the first page.
3. Set aside 15 minutes this week. Be really specific and name the day and the time you are committing to e.g. Thursday at 8.45pm or Friday at 6.45am. You might need to sacrifice some tv time or get up a little earlier but trust me you can find 15 minutes.
4. Use this time to write down what career change means to you. Remember, this is your dream, your version of success so ‘Dream Big’. This is your overall goal for 2017, your plan, your strategy, your future.
5. Identify roadblocks that stand between you and your dream e.g. finances, qualifications, motivation, confidence, family, children, etc.
6. Put in place a plan to help overcome these roadblocks. You might need to get support from family, friends or professional networks to devise this plan.
7. Work backwards from your big dream and identify exactly it is possible to achieve in 2017. For example, if you need to retrain it may take longer than 1-year. So be practical.
8. Break your big dream into smaller actionable steps. It should be possible to achieve each small step in 6-week blocks. Remember ‘Dream Big, Do Small’.
9. Prioritise each small step you have identified logical by numbering them as step 1, 2, 3 etc.
10. Spend 1 minute per day or take a 7-minute block per week to reflect and evaluate. A very short amount of time but hugely valuable as it keeps you on track.
11. Find a mentor, join a class, commit to on-line study or confide in somebody you trust to help you meet your goals.
12. Accept that you will encounter failure, setbacks and hurdles along the way. But commit to learning from each one and move on.
13. Celebrate your achievements, success, and accomplishments. Commit to learning from them and move on.
14. Don’t let fear failure, fear of success, fear of what others may or may not think, or fear of the unknown hold you back.

For more insight listen back to my podcast with Conall O’Morain on Today FM’s Sunday Business Show Changing Career in 2017