Finding Your Professional Voice – The Art of Public Speaking

A Career to Love

Be a voice not an echo

Finding your professional voice at work, at college, in meetings or at interview is challenging for most. When faced with having to speak in public you feel intimidated and afraid your idea will be rejected. It’s not that you don’t have valuable contributions to make- you do. But honestly, you are afraid your words won’t come out, and you don’t want to look ‘stupid’ in front of peers, so you stay quiet.

While it doesn’t always come naturally, sharing opinions and verbally engaging plays a major role career progression.  Contributing your opinions and your ideas get you noticed amongst your peers and management team. You become more involved and ultimately more stimulated. By finding your professional voice you show others you care, that you have an opinion and that you’re engaged.

Don’t forget that everyone has a unique knowledge base and set of life experiences. This makes you an asset to your company, team or potential employers. Why not share that knowledge and those experiences? Learn the skills you need to speak up rather than sit in silence and go through the motions!

How can you move out of your comfort zone and learn the art of public speaking?

Sinéad Brady, a Career Psychologist, and founder of A Career To Love, is hosting a workshop entitled ‘Finding Your Professional Voice’ on January 31st, 2017.  Sinéad will be giving tips from the Cognitive Behavioural transition on

  • When to speak up,
  • Who to speak to and
  • What to say.

The focus of the workshop is on the practical skills you need to find your professional voice and your professional well-being. To bring a sense of connected learning to the workshops Sinéad is collaborating with Melissa Curley of bespoke catering service Social Bee. Melissa specialises in afternoon tea parties and will treat you to Afternoon Tea Social Bee Style.

So why not spend an evening networking, focusing on your well-being AND enjoying delicious food? What do you think? Sounds good to us!

To come along or maybe come with some friends check out our Eventbrite page