10 Careers that didn’t exist 10 Years ago… ideal for career transistioners & job changers


These are the jobs that didn’t exist when the children of the 70’s and 80’s were finishing off their degrees. Just as they were about to put their foot on the first step of the career ladder, the world changed.

A time when Dublin Bus gave change, when the canary yellow Nokia 5110 was the phone of choice, ‘Wiffy’ was not around and a time when you could have a good night out on £20. Not even a word about the Euro!!

Oh yes and the summers were always warm!!

Much has changed since then. We are just about 3 weeks away from the Leaving Certificate Results and the publication of CAO Points so I thought you might be interested in the careers that our Leaving Cert. students are dreaming about and that you can have!!

  1. Head of Happiness

Sometimes called ‘Engagement Management’, an in-house Head of Happiness is responsible for insuring that everyone in the workplace is fulfilled at work. She must make sure that every staff member has a role to play in the company direction, and when a staff member does a good job that she gets a nice reward.

Heads of Happiness are responsible for bringing massage chairs to the workplace, quite rooms to take a nap, lunchtime gym classes, impromptu concerts, take a family member to work days, flexible working hours, having on-site manicures and pedicures and in some places you might even have your own Segway. Thank you Heads of Happiness.

  1. In House Game Changer

Yes you heard me right. An In House Game Changer is the person, in an agency or in a company, who has the role of transforming ideas, breaking expected rules, playing with strategy, coming up with innovative management tasks and who gets paid to ‘think outside the box’.

These creative souls are expected to take the winning strategies of others, improve them, market them and start a new beginning in their industry. WOW!!

  1. IOS Developer

In 2007 Apple announced the launch of the iPhone. With the birth of the iPhone came the IOS operating system and a new breed of tech mania ensued. Along came third party development of Apps, Games and Products for the iPhone and in 2008 the App Store was released.

In 2007 there were no individual profiles on LinkedIn citing IOS Developer as their job. Shoot to 2013, there are almost 13,000 IOS Developers on LinkedIn.

  1. UI/UX Designers

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Designers are the people who make our technology easy to use and easy on the eye.  The UI Designer is concerned with how our technology is laid out, and are in charge of designing how each screen page interacts with you the user.

The UX Designer has to make sure that the product information flows in a logical path. When the UI & UX designers work well together we end up with a product like the iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy. One that is easy to use and one that everybody wants.

  1. Bloggers & Vloggers

A blogger is a person who writes on-line articles. Almost every Millennial is a blogger and dreams of becoming a successful blogger!

Bloggers research and write articles based on their own interests and area of expertise. The articles are published on-line through webpages, forums or on social media. Bloggers gain followers who trust and respect thier opinions and reviews of products. Many Bloggers are full-time and earn a very nice salary from sponsorship and advertisement on their blogs.

Some Bloggers become Vloggers!! Yes, Vloggers, not a typo but a real life, exciting and massively expanding career area. It is also often a very profitable career, not to mention very enjoyable. Using video to record your every thought, feeling, emotion and opinion, editing it (or maybe not) and putting it up on YouTube, or on another video channel.

Check out Ireland’s very own  Melanie Murphy or follow her on Twitter or Facebook. She is a super success on YouTube. Melanie is one of the most positive and inspiring young Vloggers out there at the moment. She chats openly and honestly about life, beauty, hair and clothing on You Tube. I guess that is why she is so successful.

  1. Social Media Manager

The Social Media Manager is the person who is in control of creating relevant content for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube. Social media content managers research and market relevant ideas to engage the different target audiences on each site and to involve their followers as loyal advocates for the brand.

  1. Chief Listening Officer

The Chief Listening Officer has the job of checking in on social media, business forums and listening to real life conversations to determine what their customers think of their product and what changes, if any, need to be made. She will listen to the mentions, likes, retweets and monitor the brand’s progress across social media. She will also monitor any other type of forum where information is exchanged in order to help her company better engage with their target audience.

  1. Cloud Computing Architect

Cloud Computing Architects are the engineers, strategists and database managers who figure out new ways to manage, store and control access to our data – by ‘our’ I mean every single person in the world’s data – index the data, insure it is secure and that we can have access to it 24/7/365. They get paid an awful lot of money to do this but their job is very complex and very pressurised. We have a lot of, but need a lot more, Cloud Computing Architects in Ireland as we are the EU hub for Data Centres.

  1. Millennial Generational Expert

Generational Experts help companies to better understand the changing workforce, their needs, their interests, their hobbies, and what makes them loyal to a brand. Based on research they collate all their, and present companies with insights into the thinking’s of their customer and client base. This allows companies to manage their marketing, focus their advertisement and refine their product.

Not sure who the Millennial’s Are?

Check out this really good Infographic by Isabelle Rings to get you up to date


  1. Careers & Educational Consultant

Since all these new jobs have appeared  many of us are finding that we have to embrace change and take a role in ‘Designing Our Own Success’.

The Careers & Educational Consultant works with people of all ages and at all stages in their career and/or education to help them make an informed choice about school, college, career and/or recruitment practices.

The Careers & Educational Consultant supports people making career and educational decisions as this can be a daunting experience from a financial, personal and professional perspective.

In 2008 there were no Careers & Educational Consultants listed on LinkedIn today there are almost 3,000 of us.

Want one of these jobs?

Do you like the sound of these careers? As you read about them do you find your heart telling you that you are cut out to work in one of these areas?

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