30 signs you need career change

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Having a Bad Work Day or do you Need Change?

30 signs you need career change.

There is nothing like a long weekend to let you know how you feel about your career!!

That aching feeling in your soul, your constant companion since yesterday, is at this very moment screaming at you – I hate my work GET ME OUT OF HERE!

So what are the 30 main signs you need career change?

Here are 30 signs you need career change before you burnout.

  1. You begin to think about work on Sunday and it upsets you?
  2. You are stuck in a rut & feel paralysed to change?
  3. You are not getting paid enough for what you do.
  4. Despite being very successful in your career you didn’t go to college and you feel that you are no match for those who did! So quite simply you feel you can’t move.
  5. You don’t have an off-switch – you are always travelling, taking calls, answering emails and responding to work queries yet you still can’t seem to get on top of things?
  6. Your confidence is at an all time low. You feel you have nothing to offer professionally and that your choices are limited?
  7. You stayed in your job during the recession because you had to – now you want to explore other options.
  8. You love your career but HATE your work colleagues or your boss?
  9. You have lost your passion for your job and the pay check is not enough anymore.
  10. You count down the days until the weekend?
  11. You take sick days for the slightest reason. In fact there are days you don’t go in even if you are well!
  12. Other aspects of your life are affected. You are finding it hard to sleep, you are not eating properly and quite simply you have no energy.
  13. Everyone close to you knows how you feel about your work yet you don’t feel you can make changes.
  14. You get impatient and angry at the slightest of things around those closest to you.
  15. You feel depressed, lonely or low in yourself when you think about work.
  16. You would like to run away from your work and your life.
  17. You are being bullied or harassed.
  18. You feel like your best talents are being under utilised.
  19. You feel under appreciated for what you do.
  20. You never get praise for your work and your boss takes credit for the work that you have actually done.
  21. The days feel very long and you are bored out of your mind.
  22. You never feel challenged by the work that you do.
  23. You have no sense that you are progressing in your career.
  24. You feel tired all of the time.
  25. You have no motivation and you are not putting your full effort into your work.
  26. You feel uninspired and you are the last person to volunteer for a task.
  27. You are constantly on the job hunt yet you never make an application.
  28. There is no balance between your work and your personal life.
  29. You are afraid of your life to make change and wonder what others would think and say!
  30. You dream about leaving this minute and doing something totally different!

More than 5 or 6 suggests that you are having more than just a bad day. So listen to your gut and begin to explore how you might embrace change and begin to design your own version of success.

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