5 Key Signs You Need a Job Change

A Career to Love

There is a difference between the warning signs for a career change and job change. The difference is significant and you must decide which type of change is the best for you. These are the 5 warning signs that suggest you need to change job

1. You no longer feel a sense of accomplishment or a sense of achievement, you don’t feel that you have been rewarded for your efforts. You do your job to the best of your ability but you do not get the opportunity for promotion or progression, it has been a while since you got a pay rise or any other non-financial reward. You feel undervalued, lack pride in your role and do not feel you have the opportunity to progress it’s time to consider a job change.

2. You begin to take sick days – when you started in your current role you bounced into work, you loved the challenge of what you were doing and you went into work even if you didn’t feel great. Things have changed. You get sick a lot more, you take sick days for the smallest of bad feelings and sometimes you take sick days when you are not even sick. This is a serious warning sign that you are not happy in your job.

3. You are in it for the money – It’s simple, the only reason you stay in your job is for the pay check and the weekends. You don’t get to exercise your skills or your real interests. You have no opportunity to be yourself and to progress in your role. While the pay check and the stability of your employment are real concerns if this is the only real reason you are staying in your job you need to begin to make plans for change.

4. You hate your work environment – you do not agree with the way things are done in your workplace. You keep quiet about your real opinions and you find yourself beginning to slowly build anger towards your workplace and some colleagues. The management style, the people you work with, and the work culture just get you down. Feeling like this long-term will result in your mental wealth taking a serious beating.

5. You are being bullied or harassed – Workplace bullying is very serious and very prevalent. One in four workers reports workplace bullying. If you are in this awful situation talk to somebody outside of your workplace and get advice immediately. Begin to record everything that is said or done to you in your diary. Ask the person who is bullying you to repeat what they have just said or loudly say, ‘Excuse me, Why did you touch me?’ While this is very hard to do it is effective. Remember, you are not the problem in this situation, the person bullying you is a coward. You have done NOTHING wrong, so in many cases, the best thing to do once you have alerted HR or your boss to the situation begin to look for alternative employment and get a new job. It is not worth having your confidence, self-esteem and general personal health destroyed by workplace bullying or harassment.

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