7 Steps to Get Your CV Noticed

Some of these steps to get your CV noticed sound obvious but you would be amazed at how many cross my desk that don’t follow these simple rules!! So let’s get some basics straight.  A prospective employer forms her first impression from scanning your CV for about 6 seconds!! That means that you need to grab your prospective employer’s attention almost instantly. So I hear you ask? In 6 seconds, how can I do this?

1.Keep things simple

No need for fancy headshots or lots of colourful graphics (unless of course you are going for a job that requires you to use creative media). The traditional CV format has been around for years because it works. Make it easy to read. Provide signposts to the person reading your CV. Put headings such as your contact details, skills, education, and work experience in bold so that they stand out clearly.  Remember the aim of your CV is simple: It is to get you an interview.

2. Use language wisely.

Use the language in the job description to phrase and re-phrase your own skills as you write your CV. This lets your prospective employer know that you are on the same wavelength as them.

3.Include a Career Profile just under your personal details.

This is 5 – 7 short sentences outlining your career trajectory to date and where you see your career moving over the next number of years. This is often the hardest part to write. Sit down brainstorm what you want to say, ask a friend to help and begin to write. I find that if you do it after writing your Cover Letter it is a little easier to write.

4. No White Spaces!!

You need to expand on the information that you are giving to the reader. Your CV is giving information about you. It is your chance to form a really good First Impression. So use space on the page wisely.  Writing down one word sentences is not enough. If you have Event Management Experience, shout about it, state it and then follow it with an explanation of your experience by giving relevant examples.

5.Print your CV on white or cream paper.

There is no need to put it on lime green or poppy red to get it noticed. Your aim is to show that you are qualified, that you have tailored your CV to display your skillset for the job in question and to produce evidence of this to the reader. It is the content of your CV explained in clear terms outlining your skills, qualities and experiences that will get you noticed.

6.Tell the Truth. NEVER be clever or liberal with the truth in your CV.

Be factual and honest in everything that you write down and present to your prospective employer. There is nothing more uncomfortable than the following scenario: stating on your CV that you are a fluent Spanish speaker, when really you only have a little bit of Spanish from your teenage holidays in Ibiza which you brushed up on during a recent trip to Barcelona. When you arrive for your Interview you are greeted by a native Spanish speaker. Queue the sweats – the nasty sweats that you cannot control, accompanied by dry mouth and an inability to speak even English, never mind Spanish!! I have been on an Interview Panel and witnessed this – Not good, I was even sweating. If you are not caught out at Interview you will be caught out eventually. Don’t do it, Tell the truth.

7.Your Digital Profile Matters.

Remember that the traditional CV is only part of what you are presenting in your application for any job!! You also have a digital profile which you should insure is up-to-date, appropriate and relevant. Make sure that your picture is a flattering one & above all appropriate. If you have work colleagues or other associates who are willing to endorse you for your experience and work all the better.

Make sure that you keep it to two A4 typed pages. Even if you are the President of America who needs to know every little detail about you. Time is precious, follow my 7 guidelines, keep it short, simple & concise.

If you need any help with your CV, would like to prepare for interview, develop your cover letter or would like to manage your CV please let me know through FacebookTwitter, or on www.acareertolove.com. I’d love to help.

Best of Luck

Mac DigitalComment