Are you a Career Specialist or a Career MultiPod?

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Are you a Career Specialist or a Career Multipod?

Not an easy question to answer but keep these questions in mind as you read?

Did you always have one true calling? Did you find it easy to answer the question ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ Do your interests lie largely within one particular field?


Did you find it difficult to settle on one career area? Did you find the question ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ a real tough one. You have a range of interests which are not necessarily linked to one another.

Are you a Specialist?

When you think of your earliest memories you know that you really enjoyed taking part in one special activity.

Your interests tended not to change too much and your hobbies have remained constant over the years. You could spend hours building Lego structures, you were obsessed with puzzles, crazy about looking after your dolls or maybe you always had a ball in your hand? You were happiest when reading books, or when going on outdoor adventures, or you loved making and baking (pretend) tea & cakes for others.

Sure you played with a variety of things and took part in other games but you were happiest when you were doing that one activity that you loved the most.  If this sounds like you, then you were a specialist child.

This means that once an activity, game or hobby caught your attention you would absorb yourself in it, hungrily learning as much as you possibly could. You never got sick of this activity instead it held your fascination as you burrowed your way into more and more knowledge about it.

As you grew you found it easy to answer the question ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ You had an idea about a specific type of career or job and you knew that this area was for you.

If you are a specialist in a specialist career area it is likely that you have found your niche. You are working towards becoming an expert in your area. You yearn to find out more about your profession, you find time passing quickly while at work and generally you feel a sense of achievement in your profession.

Lucky you, you have found your space.

If however you don’t feel like this instead you feel paralysed in your career and frozen to make change. You need to read on.

Are you a Multipotentialite? 

As a child, and even still, you were fascinated with lots of different types of games, activities and toys. While you were pretty good at everything you never really had a strong interest in one specific type of play rather you enjoyed taking part in everything.

You always struggled to make your mind up, found making choices hard and when you really enjoyed a game or a task you would do it until you had it ‘perfected’ it then moved on a new.

There didn’t have to be any type of link between your previous interest and your new found interest. You simply needed to feel absorbed in your activities.  Once you did, you swallowed up information and got lost playing for hours on end.

When you satisfied your interest you got itchy feet, you had to move on to the next thing. Always busy, always passionate and always ready to move on.

If this sounds like you then you were a multipod child. You had many creative interests, often changed your mind about your hobbies and interests, you enjoyed many things and you had multiple passions.

As you grew up you found it hard to answer the question ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ You had so many interests and so many paths that you could take choosing, just one seemed was daunting.

While you love your job or chosen career you find yourself becoming bored easily. Once you feel that you have gained skills and expertise in an area you want to move on and learn more about another area. You yearn for change, relish in challenges and are happy to take risks. You are constantly considering the synergy between your various interests to see how they might best integrate to find a new frontier.

What now – how to make change?

If you are a multipod trapped in a specialist body you are unlikely to be happy, you feel restricted and you need change. Or if you are a specialist working in the wrong profession you may have moved from career to career without ever satisfying your desire to burrow deeply into that one profession that you love. If you are in either of these situations you need to consider making change that works for you.

Staying in one job for your working life is a bad idea if it is making you unhappy. 21stcentury careers are defined by change, transition and pivots. Dynamic, non-linear careers are not alone accepted in the 21st century workspace, they are expected. Accept that change is the new permanent and begin to design your own version of career success.

So if you are in a career that you hate or know that you need to make change, take the risk, make the change and once you do you will find a career that you love to live in.

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