Boost Office Creativity with Music

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How Music Can Boost Office Creativity

So Monday’s can be tough for all of us at the best of times?? How can you boost office creativity first thing on Monday and get the week off to a great start?

As a head of department, a leader in a company or as a person of burning ambition often you will have to motivate those around you to meet deadlines, and to raise the bar on Monday morning!

Sound familiar?

One simple strategy to boost employee engagement and to motivate your staff is to use music.  Music affects our brains in many ways and is good for promoting creativity!!

Here’s a few interesting facts about music!

  1. A moderate amount of music – not too high & not to low – gets our creative juices flowing and even helps us to ignore some of the other really annoying things that are going on around us. Play some of these fun tunes and hit your sweet spot for creative flow.
  2. Music moves the brain to pay attention and even helps to improve our visual attention. Stanford medical research students in a recent survey found that music engages the parts of the brain involved with paying attention, making predictions and updating an event in your memory bank.
  3. You are more likely to make positive choices for yourself after listening to music which has a high arousal factor and which has positive associations for you. So start off your day by listening to upbeat music that you have fond memories.
  4. Classical music will help you to relax and chill out!!

If you are an employer who would like to boost office moral why don’t you or why not ask your staff to create a weekly playlist of songs for the shared server.

If the music is easily accessible by all staff who can tap into over coffee, at lunch time or when they are hitting that 3pm slump you are giving your staff the chance to recharge the batteries?

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