Brighten Up Your Day With Colour

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Brighten up your Monday morning with a blast of colour and fun. Download this blank canvas  Butterfly Inspiration print it off and begin to think in colour.

Adult colouring is a fast growing trend as a form of creative relaxation that helps to unlock your inner artist. In fact, five of Amazon’s top ten US book sales last month were colouring books for adults!!

By getting those crayons and colouring pencils out you will experience a sense of calm that comes from focusing on everyday simple creative tasks.

There is no fear of mistakes, no right or wrong technique, no rules or regulations, only the chance to create your own piece of individual personalised art.

By taking ten minutes to yourself everyday you can distract yourself from the stresses and strains of work. Get lost in a magical world of colour and by the time you get back to work you will have new ideas and more energy!

Engage in a little bit of ‘me time’ by colouring, doodling, or shading. Start off with some Butterfly Inspiration. The Butterfly traditionally seen as a symbol of change and transformation might be the first step that you take on the path to ‘Designing your own Success’. You might take the risk and make a career change, ask for that pay rise or  finally look for that promotion.

For those of you who love the idea of colouring, doodling and shading I would love if you would share your creations with me on Friday this week? I will post my own ‘masterpiece’ to show you the colours I am loving this week. I know that you are busy so I will send out a quick reminder to you on Thursday. Get colouring!!

I will post a new piece of adult colouring inspiration every Monday to encourage you to pick up a pen and doodle, draw, colour and inspire yourself. If you would like to get the book that my Butterfly Inspiration came from it is called Art Therapy: An Anti-Stress Colouring Book, Illustrated by Hannah Davies, Richard Merrit & Cindy Wilde.

If you, or someone you know would like, a bespoke careers planning, development or exploring appointment please contact me. I work with school children, adults, career changers, graduates, those looking to progress in their own career. I will personally accompany you through this process as you begin to ‘Design Your Own Success’.

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