Build Your Own Career Path

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If the world puts you on a road you do not like,

If you look ahead and do not want the destination which is being offered

and you look behind but do not want to return to you place of departure step off the road.

Build yourself a new path.

Maya Angelou

How wise are these words?

Forget about the path you are on if you don’t like it – step off it and build yourself a new path.

It might be easier said than done BUT if you make the choice, take the risk, embrace change and get the right support following Maya’s advice will change your career and personal world beyond your wildest dreams.

I know it changed mine!

Need help stepping off the path?

Would you like to ‘Design Your Own Success’ with somebody who stood in your shoes not that long ago if so contact Sinéad at A Career to Love and I will help you to build your own career path.

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Design Your Own Success

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