Calculate Leaving Cert CAO points


Never let success get to your head. Never let failure get to your heart. 

After waiting for your Leaving Cert. results, you finally have that piece of paper in your hand. You have your grades, and now you have to calculate Leaving Cert CAO points!! What some might consider the cruel final round of Leaving Cert exam torture!!

You have predicted your CAO points more than once during your Leaving Cert. year and now for the last pieces of the puzzle. Get these facts straight before Monday to understand your CAO offers.

The Science Bit- College Entry Requirements & how to Calculate Leaving Cert CAO points

To secure a place on a course in any college or university on the CAO, you have some hurdles to jump. These obstacles fall into three main categories

  1. Minimum Subject Requirements (sometimes known as matriculation subjects)
  2. Specific Subject Requirements
  3. Points

To secure a CAO offer and a college place, you must understand

  1. What yourCAO points mean?
  2. Minimum entry requirements?
  3. Getting the required grades to meet specific entry requirements?

The Leaving Cert points system, minimum, and specific entry requirements, are inextricably linked. Be prepared because each year students who got the course points are disappointed by CAO offers. Therefore, students who do not meet the minimum, and/or specific requirements of a course are not offered their course.

Points – The Maths Part

Leaving Cert points are calculated on the results from your best six subject in one sitting of the Leaving Cert. This means that if you sat all Higher Level Papers and you get 6 A1’s you get 625 Leaving Cert CAO Points. This is an incredible achievement and is the maximum grade. Points reduce on a sliding scale to a minimum of 30 CAO Points for students who got 6 D3’s in 6 Ordinary Level Paper. have designed this nifty little APP which is free to download from the APP store. It takes the hassle out of calculating your points, and you should download it today.

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