CAO First Round Offers – How to Accept an Offer


Every journey begins with a single step. Your journey begins today

The CAO in conjunction with the colleges & universities on the first Monday after the Leaving Cert results issue CAO points and offers. From 6 am this information appears both online and in national newspapers.

The process, despite sounding simple given its scale. is a hugely complicated one. Over the weekend the CAO collated your Leaving Cert Results, checked them against each course you applied for and checks to see if you meet

  1. minimum entry requirements,
  2. specific entry requirements, and
  3. the points.

Once this process is completed the CAO issue First Round Offer Notices.

First Round Offer Notices

These Offers Notices are made through the post or online through CAO. It is possible that you receive two offers. One offer at Level 8 and one at Level 6/7.

It is possible that you will receive two offers, one for your Level 8 course choice and one for your Level 6/7 course choice.

If you are in this lucky position its decision time for you!!

Decision Time….

As you can only accept one CAO offer it is decision time for you. You now must choose between your Level 6/7 offer and your Level 8 offer.

If you get offered your First Choice on your Level 6/7 and your Level 8 the CAO makes no further offers. This happens even if you have the CAO points for all of the courses on your CAO form.

Why you might ask, well the reason is straightforward.

When you filled out your CAO form the course you put first on your list of preferences is considered by the CAO as the one you most want. By placing it first on your CAO form you told the CAO that this is the course that you are happiest with. By offering you your First Choice the CAO in many ways grant your wish. All other courses on your CAO form disappear and the CAO will have no further contact with you.

At this stage, you need to sit down and consider which

  1. Of the courses you were offered do you most want?
  2. Course is more likely to lead you towards your desired career path?

Best of luck in making your decision and if you have questions ensure you ask them now.

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