CAO Points for Courses – Movers & Shakers 2015

A Career to Love

This day in 1998 I got my CAO First Round Offer. The points were posted on Teletext or delivered by the postman. There was no wifi, no way of accessing info at the click of a button and mobile phones were just coming of age!!
I know sounds like the Ice Age!!

Despite this in 1998 CAO points hit an all-time high! The class of 1998 were lucky to be heading out into an economy that was beginning to recover from dark times, construction was buzzing, the banking sector was expanding and STEM sector jobs were popular. The traditional courses like Law, Engineering, Business and Economics were popular and CAO points were on the rise.

Sound familiar? I bet it does. This is very similar to your story, the story of the Leaving Cert Class 2015.

So here are this morning’s CAO headlines for you.

  1. Courses requiring 500 points or more up by 25%
  2. There are now 96 Level 8 Honours Degree courses requiring over 500 points.
  3. Business Studies, Engineering and Law courses have all seen significant points increases.
  4. Energy Engineering Systems NUIG increases by 75 points to 505
  5. General Entry Engineering in UCD has gone up to 510 points, while in TCD it has gone to 495. In TCD Engineering with Management is now 505. This indicates an increase of between 15 and 45 CAO points in 2015 for these courses. Aeronautical Engineering in UL has increased by 70 points from 390 to 460.
  6. Business and Commerce courses are edging beyond the 500 points mark commerce in UCD is now 500 points, BESS in TCD is 510 with finance courses jumping by 20 – 25 points around the country. NUIG’s has risen from 380 to 390 with Accountancy Degrees rising from between 20 to 45 CAO points.
  7. Agricultural Science despite the drop in demand for places has gone up by 5 points to 470 in UCD.
  8. Law TCD is now 540 and UCD jumped to 520
  9. The popularity of Sports Science remains with points in DCU and UCC hitting 500.
  10. Architecture courses remain the same
  11. Some science courses have fallen e.g. Science in TCD is down by 5 points to 510 while the majority have risen. In DIT General Entry Science has risen by 25 points to 460. Points in Science subjects in DCU have risen across the board.
  12. Increases in points for Construction related courses have remained slight despite the increased popularity for such courses.!!

Changes since my day!!

Think of all the changes since 1998, smart phones, smart TV’s, a CAO course list that has quadrupled, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat are common place. XFactor didn’t even exist – Imagine a time before reality TV!!

Back to 1998 we didn’t have the Euro, Dublin bus gave change and you could have a brilliant night out on £20 and not a selfie in sight. In fact, you had to develop your photos before you knew what pictures you had actually taken, despite being great fun, wasting a picture, one of the 24 possible ones, of your own face just wasn’t an option!!
Over 45% of the jobs that we are now doing had not yet been created, therefore the courses that trained us for them did not exist.

Over time, through work and by travelling the generation that I am part of adapted to a new type of workplace and opened our minds to new careers.
CAO applicants 2015 you are entering the same world of dynamic, fluid and ever-changing careers – we do not know the names of over 50% of the jobs that will exist in 2030 let alone what course you need to do now to get one of these jobs.

Open Your Mind Class of 2015

So Leaving Cert class of 2015 open your mind, be flexible, make an informed decision and if you work hard one way or the other, despite your CAO offer this morning, you can design your own success and have a very promising career ahead of you.

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