Designing Your Own Success

a career to love

If you are not happy in your career that affects everything else in your life.

So I think we should begin to think about harmony, just like Marian Keyes. We need to begin to think in colour and to forget about work life balance. Work Life Balance is a Mecca, an ideal that places expectations and pressure on each one of us as to how we should spend our time, who we should spend it with and how much time we should spend on each of the different parts of our life.

We are encouraged to think of time as a currency and as each part of life as being separate in some way therefore we have to find a way of balancing the accounts. It’s as if everyday we need to engage in a ritual which involves an exchange of time between home, gym, family, social life, R&R and sleeping. The better the books are balanced  the richer our lives should be!! Yet there is still only 24 hours in the day and it is not possible to find balance between everything everyday!

You need to refoucs your thinking and to find harmony between each aspect of your life. A place at which you find enjoyment in your career, your hobbies and your interests. A space and a place which allows each aspect to melt into the other.  A place where there are less expectations on yourself as a ‘Time ATM’ who must dispense specific amounts of ‘time cash’ to designated areas of your life.

Your life is a whole with each part inextricably linked to one another so in order to be happy in one part you need to be happy in each other part.

If you allow the lines to blur a little and for one area to melt into the other areas you will find a sense of ‘flow’, a sense of lost time no matter what part of your life you are in at that moment. You will be less preoccupied with what you should be doing, you can live in the moment and you can enjoy the moment.

Maybe you will embrace your inner butterfly and dance the dance of change and transition?

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