Find A Career to Love – The Art of Designing Your Own Success Story

How to find a Career to Love

Your time is NOW – Everybody deserves a career to love and so do you!

The World Economic Forum predicts a global skills shortage by 2030 in the areas of science, technology, engineering, the arts and maths. 65% of children starting primary school in 2016 will work in careers and jobs that have not yet been created. There are over 12,000 possible careers to choose from.

Social media, technology, global work places and a lot of uncertainty about the best professional choices to make = confusion!!

So how can you manage your career in this dynamic and ever-changing landscape?

Simple really – You need to design your own version of success by understanding the skills that make you unique and identifying what you have to offer companies, employers or clients that others don’t.

7 things that you need to know about ‘Designing Your Own Career Success Story’ and finding a career to love.

  1. Embrace change? – After all change is the new permanent. We all fear the unknown, worry about change and find it hard to take risks. While this is a natural normal feeling when faced with change you need to manage it. Start by acknowledging your fears around change by writing them down. A good place to start is by understanding what you enjoy and are good at. Ask yourself what do you enjoy in your job? What activities do you like to take part in at work? When do you feel most relaxed at work? What parts of your day that just fly past? Do this everyday over a three-week period and you will begin to see a pattern emerge. This pattern will help you to refocus your thinking about your role and to view change as an opportunity to grow your career in light of the things that you enjoy.
  2. Take Time Off – Thinking about making a career change, transition or pivot has most likely been on your mind for some time. Deciding to actually make change is a whole other experience. Before making any drastic decisions begin by exploring potential areas you might like. Start by doing a free online course on Future Learn, use your holidays to do some work experience, take a career break, look for alternative work in your current industry (with less responsibility) or take some unpaid leave. By taking a break you give yourself the time and space to think. While your personal circumstances decide what type of time you can take, the fact remains that you need time away from your current role to allow yourself to make a good decision.
  3. Why do you yearn change? – This is a vital question to think about. You already know you need change but now you must address WHY. Scary I know (believe me I have been there) but, if you do this you will learn what is important to avoid and to concentrate on in your future career. Begin to ask yourself the questions you have avoided. Ask yourself why you need change? Do you like what you do but hate your work environment? Do you hate your job but love your environment or maybe it’s a bit of both? Maybe you want to progress in your chosen career but there are no opportunities in your workplace. Maybe you want to change geographical location. Maybe you feel under appreciated and under rewarded? Whatever the reason you need to understand why you yearn change to avoid similar feelings in the future.
  4. Who are your influencers’? The voice in your head, the practical, reliable and loyal person who thinks you are mad. The person who always says ‘sure why would you’ or ‘you are to old’ or ‘you have a great job’. This person, despite the very best intentions, is holding you back and making you doubt yourself. Stop listening to them. Listen to yourself, take their opinion on board and then do what you want to do. Think about what motivates you in your career, what are the things that you enjoy about what you do, how did you end up in your current role?  Identify what is holding you back from making these changes, address them and begin to move beyond them.
  5. Explore the 21st Century world of careers! Part of the reason change is scary is the fast pace of change in the 21st century workplace. You know there are plenty of options but you just don’t know where to begin or what to do next.  Sign up to newsletters from career websites (you can get mine here), speak to people in careers that excite you and read books about all the options open to you. Do this while in your current job but in the knowledge you are developing an exit strategy. These practical strategies help you explore the options open to you as you being to find a career that you will love to live in.
  6. Blend your Personal Brand. – Everyone has a personal brand which is the combination of your cover letter, your CV, your on-line presence, word of mouth and your professional profile. So read your CV with your cover letter, your social media accounts, your presence at industry events and anything else that is out there about you professionally. So make sure any information you put out through your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Snapchat accounts is career savvy. If you don’t have any of these accounts choose one, get to know it and build your profile on that platform. Learning to use social media platforms to your advantage forms a vital part of your career profile.
  7. Network, Network, Network outside your profession. We all know that networking within your own profession is vital. Yet it doesn’t offer you any real insight into other career options if you want to make change. Get out there and network, open your horizons, meet people, talk to others and explore careers outside of your current profession. Check out all the amazing opportunities available to you to meet others through GirlCrewIIBNIMAGE Networking EventsEventbrite or MeetUp. Just think about it at these events you will meet people in other professions, see what types of changes are possible and have a really nice evening or morning out.

These seven steps will help you to find a career to love by designing your own version of career success.

Remember having a career to love it is not just practical it’s possible!

Just think about Marissa Carter of Cocoa Brown, Samantha Kelly The Tweeting Goddess, Aine, Elva & Pamela from Girl Crew, Sonja Smith from CopperTree, Susan Hayes Culleton The Positive Economist, Matthew Kirwin from Hedgehogs versus Foxes, Naill McGarry of or Mark O’Keeffe owner of Brown Sugar.

Now no excuses! I have had the good fortune to meet all of those I have mentioned (except Niall McGarry from and I can personally vouch for the fact that they are the same as you and me. They are not successful because they are famous, wealthy or well-connected. They are successful because they decided to design their own version of career success. Each one saw what they wanted, took the risk, made hard decisions, worked hard, made sacrifices and tirelessly went after their goal.

Now is your time – all that is left for you to do is start the process! It will be hard at first but there is no doubt that when you finish you have designed your own version of success and found a career to love.

If you would like a chat or want to find out more you about how you can design your own version of career success get in touch.

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