Future proof your CAO course choices

A Career to Love
Design your own version of career success and find a career that you love to live in by choosing your CAO courses wisely.

Sounds simple!! Well it is.

The secret to finding a career, job or occupation that you love is finding the path that best combines your interests, skills and aptitudes. It is about choosing a course that will teach you the transferable skills you need which allow you to transition, pivot, or change in your career in the future if you wish.

Finding it hard to make these decisions. Well I am not surprised.

With the CAO deadline looming, the mocks abound, and the weeks counting down to your Leaving Certificate exams the pressure is certainly on. You are tired, worried, sometimes stressed and often just struggling to keep up with homework and study. Simple is the last thought that comes to mind when you think of the CAO.

You are right it can and is often difficult to make the right CAO, PLC or apprenticeship choices now, when you have so much going on.

Listen in to my chat with Conall O’Morain on Today FM’s Sunday Business Show all about the CAO and how to choose the right course to help you future proof your career and find a one that you love.   Don’t let the CAO Torture You points you in the right direction to help you negotiate this process.

If you are finding it hard to study this easy to follow infographic on the Psychology of Making Study Stick will help.

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