Grit is the Key to Your Success


The word is out – Grit, hard work and passion for your job is the key to becoming successful in your career.


You must love what you do. You must enjoy what you do and if you do your time spent at work will pass freely, and you will be in a state of flow. If you love the job, you live in, and you fundamentally enjoy what you do you will know what I am talking about. You get a sense of enjoyment from work, you enjoy going to work on Monday, you feel just the right amount of stress to make your job challenging for you and you genuinely love the day to day of your career.

If on the other hand, you feel that you do not enjoy your job that the career you live in is not the one for you. While you put in the hours, and you put in the time you simply just don’t have the passion for your job. Remember grit leading to success in your career lies at the intersection of hard work, time commitment and passion for your career.

If you don’t feel this it is time to make the change, take the risk and begin to explore the world of career opportunities that exist out there for you. You need to design your success by finding a career that you love, one that you can live in and one that you can enjoy.

Just have a listen to Angela Lee Duckworths Ted Talk about grit and success.

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