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Don’t let fear of failure, fear of success or fear of what other people, may not think, hold you back.

Sinéad Brady

A Team SBS Moment – Helping smalls businesses make better recruitment choices – Today FM Sunday Business Show

I am proud to say am a member of the Today FM Sunday Business Show Team SBS.

Not something I dreamt about this time last year let alone imagined.

As I stepped into the lift, of the Today FM studios on Digges Lane, I was fraught with nerves. A strong dose of imposter syndrome encapsulated me. Turning back wasn’t an option. Yet, as the girl on reception used her key card to access the lift, that is exaclty what I wanted to do. By this point, my only way out was also the studio entrance!

About 10 days earlier, Myra Hayes, the then series producer,  invited me to speak (live on air) about Scary Careers. I duly took up the challenge. Following through on a promise I made when I set up my  business ‘accept every challenge (within reason of course) and figure out how to do it later’. But after accepting Myra’s offer I spent the next 10 days trying to figure out how to cope live on national radio.

Not to mention I ‘knew’ Conall in the same way that any of us know the famous voices that fill our lives across the airwaves.

Despite my reservations, my time had arrived. Sunday morning at 9.20am I was ‘ready’ to chat with Conall.

Myra and Conall greeted me with a warm embrace and a cup of coffee, as is customary.

As I prepared to go live on the national airwaves to talk about scary careers, ironically, I realised I was in possession of one. But not in a ‘Silence of the Lambs’ sense rather an excited innocent ‘Bamby’ style of scariness. I was in many ways fearful of the success that my business was becoming, fearful of failure both public and personal. But also deeply scared of what others might think or say.

But the feeling of stretch and challenge spoke to me that day. Not because I was on the radio but because I was talking about a topic that I love. A topic I am genuinely passionate about. On that day I realised I was living, and continue to live, in a career I loved.

Myra is gone to pastures new. Ruth Deveney now holds the reigns but the coffee and friendship remain.

So just one year ago began my love affair with radio. Alongside the beginnings of new friendships with Conall, Myra, Ruth, Claire, Niall, Roisin and all in Team SBS HQ. Not to mention the other wonderful friends I have made along the way.

So after my nostalgic reminiscence if you would like to hear my chat with Conall about using personality testing & to recruit more effectively this is the link…/The_Sunday_…/62486/a_career_to_love

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