How CAO Second Round Offers Work


The CAO Second Round offers will be issued on August 27th 2015. So if you did not receive your first preference in the First Round of offers it is possible that you will receive offers in the second round.

How the Second Round Offers Work

Since the First Round of Offers students have been accepting, deferring and declining places that the CAO has offered them. When the CAO is notified by an applicant of their intention to either accept, defer or decline a college place the CAO can identify courses which have places left to fill.

The CAO then begin the process of offering those places on courses which have not yet been filled to students who had those courses higher up on their CAO list than the course they were offered in the First Round Offer.

So the number of offers made today in the Second Round essentially depends on how many CAO applicants did not take up their First Round Offer and how many places are now left on courses which the CAO want to fill.

If all CAO First Round Offers were taken up by applicants then there are no further places on that course and no second round CAO offer will be made.

So if you got no offer in the Second Round of Offers this morning either the points for the course did not drop or all of the places on the course were accepted and filled during the First Round of Offers.

You should also remember that if you got your First Choice in the First Round of offers, at either Level 6/7 and/or at Level 8, you will NOT be offered any of the other courses on your CAO second round offers

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