How do you when you need a job change or make a career pivot?

Check out these 5 warning signs that you may need to make a career pivot

1. Feel no sense of Accomplishment or Achievement. You feel like you are getting nowhere in your. You leave work every day feeling that you haven’t been rewarded for your efforts. There is little or no opportunity for promotion or progression and it has been a while since you got a pay rise or any other type of performance related reward. You feel undervalued, lack pride in your role and you are bored.

2. Begin to take sick days. You remember a time when you bounced into work, you thrived on the challenge of your work and you often stayed late. On days that you didn’t feel great you still went to work. Something has changed. You get sick a lot, you take sick days for the smallest bug, sniffle or cough and sometimes you take sick days just so you can stay at home.

3. You are in it for the Money. You stay in your job for one reason – your pay check. Your job doesn’t give you the chance to display your skills or interests. You have no opportunity to be yourself and to progress in your role. The end of the month pay check and its effect on your bank balance are the ONLY reasons you stay in your job.

4. The work culture irritates you. Management style, the people you work with, and the work culture grates heavily on your nerves. You don’t enjoy the perks you once bragged about, you dread work trips and gradually everybody is starting to get on your nerves. You keep quiet about your real opinions and you find yourself beginning to slowly build anger towards your work.

5. You are being bullied or harassed – Workplace bullying is very serious and very prevalent. One in four workers report workplace bullying. If you are in this awful situation talk to somebody outside of your workplace and get advice immediately. Begin to record everything of note. Remember you have done NOTHING wrong and NO job is worth destroying your confidence, self-esteem and general personal health over. If making a career pivot is the right thing for you do to – get your reference and get a new job.

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