‘How to’ Calculate your Points

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CAO Points – The Maths Part

Your Best 6 Subjects – Any Combination

Your Leaving Cert points are calculated based on a combination of your best 6 subject grades from one sitting of the Leaving Certificate.

If you sat all Higher Level Papers and you achieve all A1’s then you will obtain the maximum amount of Leaving Cert CAO Points 625.

After that results reduce on a sliding scale to a minimum of 30 CAO Points for students who got 6 D3’s in 6 Ordinary Level Papers.

Careersportal.ie have designed this really nifty little APP  which is free to download. It takes the hassle out of calculating your points and you should download it today.

Here is the table which converts your grades to CAO points


So now that you have your points worked out – what next!! You need to know did you meet the minimum entry requirements for the course and college that you have chosen.

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