Leaving Cert Results 2016 – Design your own version of success

A Career to Love

The future is your future

Today is a big day, in many ways a generational right of passage, for the Leaving Cert class of 2016.

For some of the Leaving Cert class of 2016 today is a day of great joy and celebration, for others a huge disappointment and for others a day of mixed emotions.

What ever your results it is what you do with your them that will determine your future.

Happy, sad, disappointed or over the moon it is your approach, your determination and your desire to succeed that will mark you apart from.

The future is your future

You are part of the 4th Industrial Revolution and new technologies constantly change how we connect with education and our careers. Just think

  • 65% of the jobs we will work in by 2030 have not yet been invented,
  • The Leaving Cert class of 2016 will play a fundamental role in creating those jobs,
  • By 2020 effective communication, negotiation and emotional intelligence combined with technical skills will be in most demand.

Not alone this research tells us

  • that before age 35 you will change jobs at least 12 times,
  • before you retire you will change career between 8 times,
  • only 53% of 35 year olds are currently working in their degree field.

For more information check out this short video on my Facebook Page


  • Change is the new permanent
  • Your future success is determined not by your results but by your capacity to cope with the unexpected or unwanted
  • To manage disappointment and always learn from it.

Disappointment is ok and only natural. However, the fact remains that you still have to figure your next step. These are some of your choices

  1.  Wait for CAO offers next week,
  2. Consider PLC courses,
  3. Think about the new apprenticeships scheme,
  4. What about repeating or,
  5. Taking a year out.

While exam results are important how you deal with them and the choices you make are now the most important thing.

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