Leaving Cert Results 3 Simple Things to Do Before Wednesday

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In a little under 48 hours over 70,000 of our finest and brightest Leaving Cert students will get their much anticipated results from the State Examinations Commission. Although it is nearly 18 years ago since I got my results I remember the anticipation and worry like it was yesterday.

Over the course of those 18 years I have learned a lot, an awful lot. Some learning experiences were amazing, others not so much!!

During the time since I did my Leaving Cert., I have had jobs and finished college courses that I loved, that I hated, that upset me, that made me laugh, that didn’t pay, that were boring, that made me love to work, that made me hate to work and every other feeling in between.

So while I got what I wanted in my Leaving Cert., and I was delighted with my results, my results were a stepping stone, a bouncing board, a ticket to a new destination way back in 1998. When I look back now it was not the defining moment that I once thought it was. While it was important and a rite of passage for me and the thousands of other students who did the Leaving Cert before and after me, there are many things I wish I knew then that I know now!!

So over the next few days do these 3 simple things to insure that you are prepared for whatever might come on Wednesday….

  1. Refocus Your Thinking ‘If Only I knew then what I know now’…

These are facts – by the time you are 42 you will have had approximately 10 job changes. This means that on average you will have left one job to move to another job within the same sector at least 10 times!! That’s a lot of change, however that is the world of work that you are entering into. People routinely change jobs to progress, explore and develop their career.

By the time retire you will have changed career at least 6 times.  That means you will have transitioned from being a nurse to a becoming teacher, or from a doctor to Head of Happiness, or from Civil Engineering to Blogging & Vlogging. So whatever your chosen profession is at this moment in time, it is highly likely that the career you will be in when you retire will be totally and completely different, and I mean totally different.

I wish that I knew this 18 years ago. In fact check out my BLOG on 10 jobs that didn’t even exist 10 years ago. I would love some of these jobs but when I was doing my Leaving Cert they weren’t even a possibility. So just image the endless career opportunities that will be there for you in 10 years from now!!

As I sit here in my mid-thirties all of my friends, ALL OF MY FRIENDS have changed career at least twice. Not one of us are in the same career area that we choose when we were 18. Yes not one of us, each and everyone of us, including those who were happy with their results, those who got 600 points and those who got a very average Leaving Cert., have all changed career.

So remember that the Leaving Cert is important HOWEVER it is a ticket to a new destination, one with endless possibilities and it is possible to ‘Design Your Own Success’ irrespective of the outcome on Wednesday by refocusing your thinking.

Believe me it will save you endless worry!!

‘What if List’ – You need to make one – It’s your Plan

On Wednesday, no matter whether you are happy with your results, disappointed or unsure you need to have a plan in place for how you are going to deal with whatever happens.

Remember the best time to make a decision is before you need to make that decision. You know how it is, it is always hardest to figure out the best plan of action for yourself when you are excited, disappointed or unsure. So tonight you should do a ‘What if’ List.

Your ‘What if List’ should include questions like

  • ‘What if’ I don’t get my First CAO offer?
  • ‘What if’ I fail a subject?
  • ‘What if’ I am unhappy with my results?
  • ‘What if’ I don’t want to tell anyone the results that I got? Where will I open my results?
  • ‘What if’ I get exactly what I had dreamed off – how am I going to celebrate and make sure that I am safe?
  • ‘What if’ my friend doesn’t get what s/he wants – what will we do for each other?

Ask yourself these questions now & write down your answers. This way you have worked out what you will do if your ‘What If’ questions need to be answered without all the emotion of exam results influencing your decisions.

Look to the Future – Your Future – Start to ‘Design Your Own Success’

As I said at the start of the article your Leaving Cert & CAO Points are a stepping stone, a bouncing board, a ticket to a new destination. Think of them as just that a key to unlocking your potential in your future.

Your results provide you with an opportunity to get the course you want and to pursue the career of your dreams. This course is a catalyst for your future and now before you get your results you must look to your future.

Get a blank piece of paper and begin to write about what your future looks like 10 years from now. What kind of job would you like to be working in? Where would you like to be living? What would you like to have achieved for yourself? What type of lifestyle would you like to be leading? Jot down words, phrases and a few bits about your dreams & hopes for the future – your future.

Be totally HONEST with yourself.

Keep this piece of paper with you, it is your plan for yourself no matter what happens on Wednesday. This piece of paper is your ticket to ‘Designing Your Own Success’.

Dream Big Little One – do not let one ticket to one destination be the defining moment of your life so far. Trust me when I say there are options, there are plenty of options, you just need to keep a clear head and hold your focus.

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