Leaving Cert Results & CAO Offers


Preparing for Leaving Cert Results and CAO Offers

As a parent or guardian I am sure that you want to be well prepared for the quickly approaching Leaving Cert results and first round of CAO offers.

Since the day your little precious bundle was born you have protected and minded him or her with each ounce of your being. When possible you plastered the cut knee, rubbed sore tummies, made rights from wrong and tried your best to guide your baby through the up’s & down’s of the world that we live in. It has been a roller-coaster ride which has been great.

The next part of that roller coaster ride is Leaving Cert. The results upon which the hopes and expectations of over 70,000 students are pinned on each year are a rite of passage.  It stirs up many memories for us all, some good, some bad and some of relief when we can look back with the eye of experience.

If you have a Leaving Cert student in your life – you need to be well prepared to support that person – come what may on August 12th 2015 when the State Examinations Commission the Leaving Cert results for 2015.

The key CAO Statistics for 2015 include

  1. 44,000 CAO applications were made from Leaving Certificate Students while a further 34,000 applicants including mature students, deferred entrants and other categories of students made applications to the CAO.
  2. Applicants to courses in the areas of Engineering, Law, and Architecture each showed an increase in applicant numbers while construction related courses across the board saw an increase in numbers
  3. CAO points are calculated based on course popularity. So figures suggest points are likely to increase significantly in courses in the area of Construction, Law & Engineering while decreases are likely in Nursing, Agriculture and some of the allied health professions.

By knowing this information you are in a position to gauge the help that you might need to have in place or the supports that you might need to understand prior to the exams.

Knowing how to support your child advance of the results is vital as you will need to have information to hand on the day of the results and/or the offers which you are clear about. You need to be in a position to remain calm and have facts at hand.

You can keep an eye on CAO webpage for the most up-to-date information. I will continue to post any further information as it becomes availalbe.

Next week – What to do if you realise that your child has made an application to the CAO but put NO courses on the form on or before the July 1st 2015 deadline.

Word of Warming – Keep Calm & Read my Blog next week!!


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