Marian Keyes ‘How to Find Your Path’

a career to love

‘Everyone goes the path they have to go’

This was one of the many intriguing lines of wisdom that Marian Keyes shared with an intimate audience of Image Readers in the Westbury Hotel last night. Marian spoke from the heart about her life, her loves and her career.
She was candid, honest and immensely funny sharing her newfound strength and resilience with those of us lucky enough to be there. Each word that she spoke and each sentence that she uttered were direct, clear, unambiguous and ultimately from the heart.
She spoke in splashes of vivid colour about the trajectory that her life has followed since graduating with a Law degree in 1984. She spoke of the dark days that cast a shadow of pain and immense sadness on her life. She told us that she began to have these feelings at around age 14 and that she coped with them through addiction to alcohol, and without knowing she was addicted or indeed that her behaviour was not healthy.
While in London, doing a job that she hated, things began to spiral out of control. Only her closest family and friends could see what was happening to her and with their intervention she began to see the need to recover. She realised, seeing her life through their eyes, that she could not cope with the world, wondered if she could ever write again and found solace in baking.
She transitioned from this cold darkness of depression and addiction through a combination of support, love, counselling and medication punctuated with a love affair of chalk paint and decorative knobs. She spoke of the changing nature of her addictive personality from alcohol, to food, to chocolate, to knobs and Channel Nail Varnish (loving the Jade).
As I sat and listened I could see her voice begin to merge with the colours of the chalk paint, the vibrant knobs, the Channel Nail Varnish and the stunning Peter Pilotto dress that she wore. It struck me that Marian has used these bright splashes of colour, to describe in words, the manner in which has began to ‘Design her Own Success’ and transition into a life that she now loves.
With a heart filled with passion, empathy and compassion for others Marian shared her transition from the shadows of darkness and a heart of sadness to the splashes of colour that she now paints her life with. In an act of kindness she shared the symbols of her transformation as she passed her prized knobs and varnishes amongst her guests.
She shared with us her personal voyage which encouraged each person in that room ‘to go the path that they have to go’, to embrace their colour, to take a risk, and to find their passion.
Just like the butterfly that adorned her Sophia Webster shoes Marian Keyes is a living symbol of transition. Just as the butterfly symbolises transformation and joy, its dance reflecting the need for movement, for change and for the phase of being, Marian is an Irish woman who symbolises the bountiful and colourful possibilities that transformation and transition can bring to our lives.
‘Everyone has a path they must go’. Now is the time to take that risk. You must now figure out How to Find Your Path and then follow it.

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