Mind Yourself – Sleep Tips For Exam Students

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If Only We Were All Sleep Experts like Homer!

First Things First – Routine! Early to bed & Early to Rising.

Ensure that you are getting up every morning at the same time as you will have to get up during the exams – that means on weekends as well!

Get to bed by 10 pm every night – 11 pm at the latest! You need your beauty sleep.

Did you know that your brain actually shrinks when it is tired? It’s a bit like when somebody has drunk too much alcohol – it becomes harder to think, remember things and small tasks seem harder to achieve.

You’d rather not be studying for my exams with a brain that has shrunk because you are overtired. Here is Careers Rainbow we love big brains! SO how do we make sure our brain stays big and exam ready?

I know how you feel – I just can’t sleep once I get a bed!

If you are struggling to sleep when you get to bed, follow these simple sleep tips:

  1. Tech sundown – phones, iPads, computers all OFF one hour before bed


  1. Start to wind-down by having a cup of hot-chocolate. Try Green & Blacks 70% cocoa powder. It tastes amazing, it’s good for you and even better it will help you sleep.


  1. Put a fresh pair of socks (not the smelly pair you’ve been wearing all day!) into the microwave for 20 seconds.  While waiting on the microwave to do its thing, rub some lavender balm into the soles of your feet.  I really like These Works range especially their Balm and their Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. Put the socks directly onto your feet (check they are not too hot), spray your pillow with deep sleep and off to bed.  The lavender spray relaxes you, the warm socks are proven to help you to go off to sleep and the balm will make sure you stay relaxed during the night.  Boots, Arnotts & Sam McCauley pharmacy stock these super products.
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