Perfect Practice For Exams


At this stage everything you do for study and homework should be under exam conditions. EVERYTHING.

Why I hear you cry?

It’s simple as Mr Einstein said:

Learn the rules of the game and then you can play better than anyone else.

Think about the way that you do your homework and study.Do you have your books open,  your phone beside you, music on, topic notes open? Be honest – are you a homework multitasker?

Now think about how you sit exams – what are the rules of the exam game? What will you have in the exam centre? You’ll have your pens, pencils, and some food as well as your mighty, mighty brain. Find outmore about the perfect food to bring into exams and how to make sure your pencil case packs a punch.

So there is no point having your books open in front of you for perfect homework. You need to practice for exams perfectly now. Make sense yet?

Your brain is a muscle so you need to train it to do its job properly. When you are studying, doing your homework or doing an exam question in class, help your brain help you.

Follow These Simple Instructions:

Step One:

Choose the topic, homework or exam question that you are going to do. Close your books, get a blank sheet of paper out.

Step Two:

Brainstorm for 3 minutes. Write everything you know about the topic down. By doing this you are testing yourself in exactly the same way you will be tested in the exams with no books, no copies and no notes.

Step Three:

Open your books and read over your notes on the topic you are studying. Read it three times to yourself. Each time you read it concentrate on the information that you did not recall during Step Two.

Step Four:

Write the question that you have for homework out in your copy. Close ALL of your books again. Now you begin to answer your the question working from memory ONLY. This is vital as you are now doing EFFORTFUL HOMEWORK or STUDY TM (click here for my blog on effortful homework & study). This enables you to practice perfectly for your exams.

Step Five:

Open the book and read over the topic again. Now concentrate on the words/phrases that you did not remember. Put the topic and date at the top of the sheet and file it in your folder.  Depending on what type of techniques work best for your learning style highlight, underline or create a diagram for what you forgot. This is what you need to study and relearn in the future.

Think about it: Would you rather feel under pressure and uncomfortable now while sitting in luxury of your own home or the comfort of your own study hall? Or would you rather practice for exams now and feel more comfortable in the exams?

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