Preparing for the Leaving Cert Results

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Leaving Cert. Results Day

The next few days in the run up to Leaving Cert Results are always days of mixed emotion. It is a good idea to begin preparing for Wednesday and the publication of the leaving cert results now. For some a day of celebration, for others a day of bitter disappointment. No matter the outcome by following these steps over the weekend you will prepare well for Leaving Cert results day on Wednesday.

Pre Leaving Cert Results chat

Over the weekend open up a conversation with your child about Leaving Cert results day. Start by wondering out loud how your child is feeling about Wednesday. Ask you child what plan they would like to have in place if things go well or things don’t go to plan. Suggest a plan around both scenarios as a way to ensure that everybody knows the score no matter the outcome.

Getting your Leaving Cert Results

Decide if your child wants to get their results online or go to school. Before Wednesday discuss where, with whom and when they would like to get their Leaving Cert Results. Ask if they want to be with friends, if they would prefer to open them in the car with you, at home with family, or in private. Explain that exam results are a private matter for you and your family. Reiterate that they can tell everybody or nobody but that the choice is their choice. If they decide to keep things quite figure out what you are going to tell people. But whatever you do stick to the script no matter what.

Praise Effort

Before the results come out gently address the effort, your child put into study and how much energy they invested in preparing for the Leaving Cert. When having this conversation remember how emotional this can be for your child. The most important thing at this point is that you remind your child how proud you are of them and how much you love them.

The hard worker

If your child was a hard worker throughout the year praise their effort. Clearly tell your child how proud you are of their dedication and hard work. Simultaneously explain that unfortunately effort is not always duly rewarded. Be very clear that you are playing devils advocate but that you want a plan in place that you can discard. Discuss how you might handle things if the results go wrong. Putting a plan in place before the emotion of the results hits is prudent and practical.

Not much effort

If your child did not put in much tell your child that you are proud of them. Ask them how much energy they feel they put in and what do they expect on Wednesday. Explain that the year is over now and that decisions about the future are imminent.  Say that it is likely the results will reflect their effort but once Wednesday comes you will deal with the results together.

Be prepared

Download the CAO points calculator now. Have it ready to go on Wednesday. It is amazing how many children and their families panic on results day to calculate points. So on a practical level go the iTunes or Google Play to get your free download now

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