Preparing to Go to College This Year? You need to read this…


Going to College is a big step, a major transition for you both from a personal and educational perspective. Preparing to go to college and for this transition is important whether you are going to college yourself or if you are supporting someone going to college this year.

Time to Prepare – Start NOW

This it this a time of great excitement and of celebration for you as a young person, or for you as a parent/guardian, friend of partner supporting this major life transition. It is however also a time fought with of worry, anxiety, nerves and concerns around managing going to college and the questions about transitions and change that this brings.

New Questions Every Day!

As the results deadline looms everyday new questions emerge: Will I like the course, will I like the college, will I find a place to live, will I have enough money, the list is endless. It is these questions and hundreds of other questions that race through your mind and the mind of those supporting you as you prepare to make the move to college or support somebody making the move to college.

To help make a successful transition to college you really need to start think about and to prepare for this major event over the coming weeks and months. The time to begin to prepare is NOW.

Some Excellent Help that is Free!!

A brilliant course is available on-line through Future Learn called Preparing For Going To College. It is a free for students to enrol and starts on August 17th 2015. Just simply click the above link and register your interest.

The Career & Education Dept. at the University of East Anglia  run the course over a 6 week period. The course will help you develop the key skills that you need to make a smooth transition to third level or to support somebody that you know who is making the transition.  You will cover topics that are integral to college such as critical thinking skills, time management, how to develop a supported, substantive argument and how best you can analyse data and/or sources critically and accurately.

Preparing for Going to College will guide you through the basics that you need or give you the knowledge that you need to help you support somebody that you care about who is going to go to college this year.

The start date is August 17th 2015 and you can register anytime before then.

Any feedback that you have on the course please share it with me and we can pass it onto all the other Design Your Own Success followers.

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