Top Tips to Manage Time in Exams

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Just like in a game of football when the referee blows the whistle the game is over no matter what you say or do. Your time has ended and there is nothing else that you can do except hand up your paper.

When it gets to exam time you need to have prepared well. If you do you will feel a lot like this little fella. You need to be ready to start your exams confidently.

You are working under time constraints and you MUST practice, practice, and practice perfectly for the game you will play during your exams.

Before the exam insure that you have worked out exactly how much time you have for each question in the exam. Insure that you allow time to read the paper and to read over your answers at the end of the exam. This should take about 15 minutes per paper. When in the exam stick rigidly to your timings even if you are not finished a question.

Get into the exam hall 10 – 15 minutes before the exam starts. Find your desk, organise your stationary, sharpen pencils, unwrap any food that you have, make sure you don’t need to go to the toilet. All the usual stuff. Check out my blog on great pen tips for your exams and for a checklist of everything that you need to take with you.

After you organise yourself get to work! Start to do your mind maps or brain dump on the rough work paper on your desk. Get keywords, sentences, definitions about each topic that you have studied down on paper before you see the exam paper. In particular, if there is a piece of information that you are finding really hard to remember write it down first. This settles you into your exams and gets the brain juices flowing.

Once you get your paper – read it completely once. Get a coloured pen or highlighter and underline any important keywords or phrases. Re-read the paper and only after your second reading should you make your decision as to which question you will answer. ALWAYS start with your best question first.

Write the question on your exam paper and write until the allocated time for that questions has ran out. Be very STRICT on your timing. To the second move on and start the next question. If and only if you have time go back and finish it.

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