‘What if’ I want to Repeat?

A Career to Love

Do not let exam results decide your fate

For a start, Leaving Cert results day is a day to take stock and not to make major decisions about your future.

I suggest that you give yourself a chance to digest your results and how your leaving cert went for you.

You should only take this option after thoughtful and careful consideration and speaking to a careers professional.

In the meantime here are some of the questions that you should begin with asking yourself

  1. What is my motivation for repeating?
  2. Did I work to my full potential last year?
  3. If I repeat is it possible for me to work harder and get higher points or do I feel I have done my best and might only improve my grades marginally? Is it worth it to me to repeat for a few points?
  4. Will I repeat all of my subjects or just the ones I need to meet Entry Requirements?
  5. Do you results reflect your effort? If this is the case what will change when you repeat to insure you won’t have the same outcome this time next year?
  6. Are you thinking about repeating because you are not sure what you want to do in College or if you want to go to college?
  7. Are you aware that subjects like English & Music have different subject content each year? If you repeat you will have to cover 2 years work in one year?
  8. Where do you think you might want to repeat? Will you go back to your old school or will you go to a private school offering a dedicated year for those repeating their Leaving Cert.?
  9. Have you considered the possibility of doing a FETAC course which is linked to your course of choice in a university or IT?
  10.  If you got a CAO college offer have you considered deferring your place?
  11. Have you thought about working for a year, repeating the subjects that you need to repeat e.g. Maths, Irish, English to meet entry requirements and reapplying with your 2015 CAO points for a place in college in 2016?

Enrol in this intensive prep course for Repeat Leaving Cert students on August 24th & August 25th 2015. The course is  delivered by highly trained and experienced professionals including Sinead Brady Careers & Educational ConsultantDaniel Davey, Leinster Rugby Performance NutritionistDermot Sheridan Exercise Physiologist Sonja Smith Creative Director & Founder Coppertree.ie.

Across the two days of this course formulate a plan for yourself to insure that you study effectively, manage your time properly, focus your energy, remain fit, protect your mental health & eat to feed your brain. Insure that your Repeat Leaving Cert Year results in the Leaving Cert Results that you want to have. Numbers are strictly limited therefore booking is essential.

Not matter what you are thinking you need professional objective help and advice before you make this decision. Speak to your school guidance counsellor, ring one of the Helplines or contact me Facebook, or Twitter.

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