What makes a career scary?

A Career to Love

The jobs and careers that deal with the darker side of life and the more sinister side of human nature are the ones that spring to mind when we think about scary careers.

So you can imagine that some of the following ones might spring to mind

  1. Forensic Psychiatry

  2. Forensic Psychology/Psychology of Criminal Behaviour

  3. Forensic Anthropologist or Body Farm Researcher

  4. Mortician or Anatomical Pathology Technician

  5. Forensic Entomologist

On the other hand careers like

  1. Being a parent

  2. A Pre School Teacher

  3. A Politician

  4. A Broadcaster

may not spring to mind just as fast!!

So what is it in fact that makes a career scary?

What makes a career scary in the real sense of the word is not what you do it is how you feel about what you do.

So if you love your job, enjoy going to work everyday, have a strong sense of achievement and recognition within your workplace. If you feel appreciated and supported by your colleagues and your management, If you agree with the ethical and moral practices of your company and if you feel a sense of time passing freely when you go to work then you are living in a career that you love.

You have designed your own version of success by refining your skills, qualities, interests and passions and funnelling those exact same things into your career. You are living in a career that you love.

But if you cannot identify with any of these feelings. So if you feel sick thinking about your job, if you have nerves in your stomach or can’t eat before going to work, if your Sunday is destroyed thinking about having to go back to work the following day or if your personal life is being affected then you are in a scary job. This is an awful feeling and it is all consuming.

Your time is now and you need to make the change.

While the initial risk of making change is scary and challenging and there is no denying that is hard I can tell you from personal experience that in the long-term it pays off in multiples. You can check out my personal story here. For a start you will begin to feel well again within a matter of weeks, your mental wealth will increase, your happiness at home and at work will change, and your quality of life will sky rocket.

To listen to my chat with Conall from the Sunday Business Show on Today FM you can check out the podcast here.

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