How to deal with a quarter life crisis - Partnership with LinkedIn

Over the past few week's I proudly partnered with LinkedIn as they launched a piece of research on The Quarter Life Crisis.

The research revealed the extent to which 25-33 year old's worry about their career, finances and relationships with 78% of the respondents stating these aspects of life as causing stress, anxiety and worry. While the outcomes are expected given the ubiquity of social media, the pressure to be perfect and the stigma attached to failure as experienced by this generation what is surprising is that so few talk about how they are feeling in fact only 7% surveyed looked for help.

This is some of the media coverage that I did as part of this partnership so if you or somebody you know might need some advice please share it. 

This is the link to my piece on TV 3's Ireland:AM yesterday on dealing with a Quarter Life Crisis.

Interview with  Ciara Kelly on Newstalk.  

Silicon Republic and The Irish Independent also ran pieces on this topic which I contributed to.

For more information on the reserach, check out the LinkedIn article How One Conversation Can Change a Career. 

While each piece spoke about is specific to 25-33 year-olds the advice will work no matter what stage you are at your career  


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