For Teams

Change is the new permanent and leading a psychologically safe team is vital for you. You want a workplace where your people collaborate, challenge, innovate and grow. You want a culture where your people have the opportunity to thrive and flourish. As a leader you want the best for your people and for your business. You also want to see the benefit for your business and your people move from thought to action.

To design an organization where your people thrive Sinéad can partner with you

A Career to Love

1:1 Coaching

For practical, thought-challenging and performance enhancing strategies for individuals Sinead offers:

Executive Coaching

Leadership Development

Career Progression Planning

A Career to Love


For training that happens with your team- not to your team- Sinéad offers workshops in:

Own Your Career

Grow your Leadership Style

Performance Development

A Career to Love

Custom Content


Sinéad collaborates with specialists across a range of disciplines and tailors the content to your specific needs.

Offering evidence based customized content including: 


The Art of Conversation in a Digital Age

Time Management & Your Career

Stepping up Confidence & your Career

Wellness & Your Career

Managing Work & Life

Nutrition & Your Career

Your LinkedIn Profile & Your Job

A Career to Love


Sinéad and her team offer a personalized service and for that reason follow-up is vital. Whether it is individual or team based coaching you want, Sinéad offers a follow-up service for 30 days after you meet which includes.


Phone Support

1:1 Close the Loop Feedback

Behavior change and support software

A Career to Love


Whether you want to inspire, motivate or engage your people, Sinéad’s speaking style is interactive yet practical. Sinéad loves working with groups of all shapes and sizes ranging from a room of 30 managers to a group of 500.
While the principles of coaching psychology underpin the customised content, the focus is always on the future of work and the skills needed to manage your career in the 21st century workplace.