For you

The world of work has changed beyond recognition. 
The 9 -5 job with a linear, progressive and predictable career path is gone. 
Multiple jobs in a variety of companies, flexibility, engagement, a meaningful role and the opportunity to learn you, as a 21st century worker, want.
The new reality is change is the new permanent.
You understand this so you want to future proof your career. 

To begin the process of ‘Designing your own version of Success’ Sinead offers two options:

A Career to Love

1:1 Coaching

1:1 coaching is thought challenging, strategic and focused on designing your personal career strategy.

All sessions start with:

Deep Dive Discovery
2-hour detailed, 1:1 conversation

Initial Discovery
30-minute phone


Then choose the option that best suits you:

1. Career Progression

You - Have the career you want. Are ready to take things to the next level. Want the strategy to put you in control of your next step.

2 Sessions

2. Career Conversation

You - Have a ‘good’ job but it isn’t satisfying you. Want to love your work and have a bigger impact. Don’t know what else is out there for you.

4 Sessions

3. Career Change

You - Never really liked your job and your career ‘happened’ to you. Are trying to find ‘the one’ & you’re tired of trying to do it alone. You want the skills to put you in control of your career.

6 Sessions
A Career to Love

Group Think Tanks


‘Design Your Own Success’ Think Tanks teach you the practical skills needed to self-manage your career.



21st Century Workplace.
Trends driving the future of work



6-month plan
Timeline of Practical Actions


What got you to here?
What’s holding you back?


Your Career Non-Negotiables
Your Key Career Moments
Your Skills Lacunas



2-hour follow up session