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Don't let the CAO deadline torture you!

Filling out the CAO form is a right of passage form many Irish students. This insightful article 'Don't let the CAO deadline torture you' gives you all the hints, tips and insights you need to help you to get it right. 

CAO Deadline February 1st 2016

Listen to my chat with Conall from the Sunday Business Show on Today FM to hear about the careers of the future and how this matters when you are filling out your CAO form. 

Make Your Study Matter

Finding it hard to study so you can remember? Do you learn it today and forget it tomorrow. Check out this nifty little infographic. 

 sean newstalk

My New Years Eve chat with Sean Moncrieff about Career Change. 

On New Years Eve I joined Sean Moncrieff in NewsTalk FM studios to chat about making career change in 2016. If you missed it you can catch it on podcast here



Want Career Change in 2016?

This is my most recent chat with Conall on the Sunday Business Show on Today FM - all about Career Change. Where I earned the title 'The Career Guru'!!

Inspirational Movie

5 Movies to Inspire your Career

These five movies are all about taking a risk, embracing change and find a career that you love to live in.

How to future proof your career

5 Signs you Need a Career Change 

Thinking about changing your career for the longest time? Will 2016 be your year? Your time is now - make the change.

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The Importance of your Office Well-Being

Our wellbeing or our mental wealth is hugely important and without living our lives while we work, our health will suffer.

Life is about using the whole box of crayons

5 Key signs you need to change job

You love your career but your job is just not for you. You need a new environment or a new workplace to work in and you need it NOW! 

Blog Typewriter

The Statistics on job change in a lifetime...

might just surprise you! You are not alone in wanting to make career change, transition or choices. Believe me - change is the new permanent!!

7 Insights from a Beginner Entrepreneur 

Setting up a business is at once scary, exciting, terrifying & all consuming. Here are some insights & lessons learned....

Grown Your Career - Hints & Tips 

Collection of 4 articles that I contributed to as part of their Grow Your Career Series for the digital edition of Image Magazine.

Sad woman

Do you have a scary career?

The answer might surprise you! Does the thought of work fills you with fear or feel nerves just thinking about your job? If so this podcast from the Sunday Business Show will help

10 Careers that didn't exist 10 years ago!

The world of careers is dynamic, constantly changing and with that opening up career choices that we weren't even created 10 years ago!

Noting comes easy - Rory McIlroy

Do you want to be a Pro Golfer?

Do you dream of becoming a professional golfer and joining Rory McIlroy and Shane Lowry ? Read on to find out how here..


What type of career changer are you?

Thinking of changing career but not sure what type of change you need to make? Read on for some information


25 Apprenticeships for the Millennial Jobseeker

The first set of apprenticeships ranging in areas from IT to finance, engineering to baking and butchery were announced earlier this year. This article will give you more info...

Career Choice


How music can help you survive the office!!

Do you know that listening to the right music can boost your creativity and make you feel happier? Check out this playlist

How to get your CV noticed

These 7 simple steps will help get your CV noticed and you put your foot on the path to an interview!!

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 A Career to Love - What you think

Really startling stats re: changing careers from @acareertolove. Makes u focus on goals. #imagenb @IMAGEie

Loved your presentation @CareertoLove loads to mull over #imagenb @eclodagh

It's all about positivity @image_magazine's 1st #imagenb of 2016. Incredible perspectives + insights @CareertoLove

@CareertoLove killing it at @image_magazine #imagenb #inspired

Another great closing line from @CareertoLove #imagenb

In order to be happy you have to love your job, it's a core part of who you are, don't be afraid to pivot & change - @careertolove #imagenb


I feel Liam & I have travelled an amazing journey with Sinead since our first meeting last autumn. What began as an...

Posted by Diane McEnerney on Monday, 1 February 2016

Excellent service for students and parents alike. Our experience was so positive and informative as we negotiated the...

Posted by Mary Brady on Tuesday, 18 August 2015

I really didn't know what I wanted to do going to college before I spoke to Sinead but she was such a great help and...

Posted by Stephanie O' Connell on Saturday, 29 August 2015

Mary, Manager of National Governing Body.

A Career to Love course has been a wonderfully informative and inspiring four weeks. I loved that the process began week one with each thought provoking session allowing hands on work to really knuckle down and think about where I am now, what I really want, what’s stopping me taking the next step and how can I bring all the pieces of my career to date together.
Great info given on stimulating online talks, links to continued education, networking ideas and very interesting speakers.
I feel freshly motivated, haven taken the first steps, to investigate further for a happier career.



Tracey Carney, Senior Manager Director

I have found Sinead fantastic to work with, extremely professional and dedicated to helping me get the right solution for my career. Sinead really brought my skills to life when working with me,I had no idea how qualified I was until I had gone through my previous experience with Sinead. When it came to interview time I felt very confident and this was down to the preparation I had done with Sinead. We had worked together on possible questions and how to answer each one highlighting the skills I had and how they applied to the position I was interviewing for. Sinead gave me all the skills I needed to put my best self forward for the position and I can't thank her enough for all the help.

Megan, Career Transitioner
For me personally, Sinéad and her careers workshop really helped me focus on myself and got me thinking about something I had never thought of before; my personal brand. It helped me carve out time for myself to try and understand "what do I really want to do?" and more importantly "how do I go about doing that?"

I found Sinéad and her course to be both inspiring and open-minded in their approach. Like a lot of people, I had skirted around the hard questions about my career choice but Sinéad made these questions seem more approachable and manageable. Sinéad is a wonderfully enthusiastic person who cares for her business and clients in equal bucketloads! Her passion and love for her own career shines through, making the whole process more heartfelt, meaningful and above all else, achievable.

I can't recommend Sinéad highly enough. She has given me the tools and confidence to put the changes in motion to better myself towards a career I love!

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